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About your mental wellbeing sessions

How can I tell if I need mental wellbeing support?

If you are feeling uncomfortable with your mental and emotional state, if you find yourself isolating and avoiding social interaction and /or your normal activities. If you feel and think you need to speak with someone, Chearful.com provides a safe space for you to explore your options to a healthier and stronger you. We have a growing library of information that you can read and listen to understand more about what you are feeling, thinking, and doing.

What happens in a mental wellbeing session?

You and your practitioner will initially discuss why you have chosen to seek support, and your practitioner will help and guide you into a better understanding of how you can start to heal, bringing awareness to any unhealthy patterns and supporting the learning of new healthy ways of living.

What issues can a session with a practitioner help with?

Our practitioners each have several years of experience, and some have specialized in specific areas of mental health. However, all the practitioners can support you through any of the mental health issues and disorders, including helping manage a general state of unease.

What kind of people seek counseling?Seeking mental health support is a sign of strength. Everyone goes through challenges, even if it is a general sense of unease, or lack of direction, and having support from an experienced, qualified, and professional mental health practitioner can help make the journey more manageable.


Can online therapy work for me?

Therapy works for every person who is open to growth, change and wants to heal from unhealthy patterns.


How do I know which practitioner is the right one for me?

When choosing your practitioner make sure you are comfortable with the person, and you feel you can trust them. It is important to ask questions to make sure you feel safe. On Chearful.com we make this simple for you by providing filters for preferences, such as language, country, gender, specialization and even rates. The practitioner’s profile will help you with additional information about them. This way, you can make an informed decision when choosing your practitioner.

What is the difference between a psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, and Counselor?

It is important to understand what the differences are between these professionals:

Psychiatrist – is a medical doctor who has specialized in mental health and is allowed to diagnose and prescribe medication

Psychologists/Counselors/Therapists – are trained in mental health and have specialized in supporting clients through talk therapy. Usually, they are differentiated in their academic qualifications, and the areas they have specialized.

How do I find the right practitioner for a loved one and/or my child?

On Chearful.com you will find a diverse community of practitioners, and you can indicate your preferences as to their respective specializations and approach to therapy. This will help you to choose the practitioner you feel, and think is most suited to support your loved one and what they are going through.

How many sessions will I need?

During your first few sessions with your practitioner, you will discuss the reasons you have sought support, as well as what you would like to learn from it. This will help you and your practitioner understand the journey and process to achieve your treatment goals and determine how long it will take.

How long is each session?

Every practitioner has a unique way of working and has set their respective availability and duration of a session on their profile. 

How frequently will I need a mental wellbeing session?

Your practitioner will discuss this with you during your initial sessions. This normally depends on understanding the need, and the process you agree on to achieve your treatment goals.

How do I know which approach will be best for me?

Sometimes it will take a few sessions to appreciate the different approaches that can be used to support a client. Practitioners usually integrate different modes of treatment depending on how responsive a client is. An approach that feels comfortable, safe and one that allows you to achieve your goals is the objective and aim.

Our Platform

How does Chearful work?

Chearful.com is an online mental wellbeing platform that connects you to licensed & qualified mental wellbeing practitioners. You can search & choose your practitioner as per your preferences, schedule an appointment and speak with him/her on a secure video conferencing link. To support your healing, we have an extensive library of researched articles, soundbites, and wellbeing resources for you to learn from.

How do I know my practitioner is licensed and qualified?

We are very careful to ensure the practitioners on Chearful have the required credentials and experience necessary to provide clients with the right level of support. Every practitioner has been carefully vetted as per the documents they have shared concerning their education, experience, and qualifications.

Can I change my practitioner?

As a client on Chearful.com you are in control of who you would like to connect with, and it is your prerogative to change your mental wellbeing practitioner when you feel it is right. You can search through our practitioner community and use the filters provided to indicate your preferences and find a practitioner who you believe will suit.

Will my information be kept confidential?

Chearful.com strictly follows the confidentiality, privacy policies and the standards of practice as defined by international, and local governing bodies for tele mental health services. All personal information exchanged on Chearful is kept confidential. All information exchanged between you and your practitioner remains between the two parties.

How can I report a practitioner?

If you are in a position where you would like to report a practitioner, you may do so in two ways:

  • By clicking on the “report” button on the practitioner profile
  • By emailing the Chearful support team at: support@chearful.com

How can I cancel my session?

You can cancel your session by:

  • Viewing the details of your scheduled session on your appointments page
  • Clicking on the “cancel” button. 

How can I reschedule my session?

You can reschedule your session by:

  • Viewing the details of your scheduled session on your appointments page
  • Clicking on the “reschedule” button
  • Choosing a new date and time that is available

Why did my session get canceled?

Your session may have been canceled for any of the following reasons:

  • Your practitioner had an emergency and needed to cancel/reschedule your session
  • You scheduled a session but did not complete the payment process

How long can I use Chearful.com?

You are in control of scheduling sessions, and the practitioner you choose on Chearful.com. We hope Chearful.com can support you by not only connecting with practitioners, but also in providing you with a safe space to continue learning about Mental Health and sustainable wellbeing practices. 

How does the messaging tool work?

You can message your practitioner by clicking on the message icon on your dashboard, and the message “bubble” on the practitioner’s profile page. Please note that practitioners respond to messages at their discretion.

How does the client forum work?

The client forum is a question-and-answer platform that you can use to ask practitioners questions about mental health. Practitioners will respond as and when they view the questions.

How do I start with a practitioner?

You can choose your practitioner by using the filters provided and indicating your preferences. Once you have settled on a practitioner, you can view their detailed profile, and schedule a session with them, as per availability. Once you have completed the payment process you will receive a link for your online session. You will also receive an intake form, which you should complete before your first session. This will help you and the practitioner make the best use of time during the scheduled session. Every practitioner is unique in how they run their respective sessions, and how they provide support.

How do I join a call for my session?

Once you have confirmed your session by completing the payment process, you will receive an email with the meeting link for your session. Alternatively, you will be able to see 'Join Now' button on your dashboard under “Appointments”. Click on the link/button at the scheduled time; please note that the link/button will remain inactive until just before your session time.   

If I am in a couple’s session, will we both receive the video link for our session?

If you are in a couple’s session, the client who scheduled and made the payment for the session will receive the confirmation email and the link to join the session. Please discuss this with your practitioner before the session is scheduled and plan a course of action on how the link will be communicated to all the parties involved in the session.

How do I know my practitioner has assigned me an assessment?

You will receive an email to indicate an assessment has been assigned to you. Alternatively, you can check on your dashboard under “assessments”. 

Who will see the results from my assessment?

Your practitioner will receive a message when you have completed the assessment. The report will be visible only to him/her, and you can discuss it with your practitioner during your session

How can I complete the “homework” my practitioner has assigned me?

You will receive an email to indicate your practitioner has assigned material for you to review and complete. Alternatively, you can check the “Tools & Guides” section on your dashboard. 

Can I speak to a practitioner before my appointment?

You will be able to speak with your practitioner during your scheduled session, once you have paid and confirmed the appointment and received a link for the session. 

Does my GP need to refer me for an appointment?

No, you do not need a referral to schedule a session with a practitioner on Chearful.com

Can I get medication prescribed to me on Chearful.com?

Chearful.com does not allow any prescription of medication on the platform. Our practitioners can support you with mental wellbeing sessions and we strongly suggest that any prescriptions be monitored by your GP and/or psychiatrist. 

Will my practitioner be available for me in a crisis?

If you are in crisis, we strongly recommend you contact the nearest emergency center and/or emergency services in your area. You can find the contact numbers here

What hours are practitioners available

The practitioners on Chearful set their own availability and you can view their calendar on their respective profiles.  We are an online platform and our practitioners provide their services across borders and time zones. This allows clients and practitioners to connect with greater scheduling flexibility.

I only want one session; will my practitioner be able to do this?

You can schedule a single session with your practitioner. 

I want to try and see if I am suited to my practitioner, is there an option for this?

Most practitioners on Chearful offer a 15- minute discovery session for a new client. This helps the client and practitioner to understand their compatibility and comfort before scheduling a full session. Please check on the practitioner’s profile and the services they offer

Is there a way for me to contact my practitioner between appointments?

You can connect with your practitioner through the messaging tool between sessions.

What is a check-in session?

A check-in session is an option that some practitioners offer. This is a shorter session which a client can use to connect with their practitioner between scheduled full sessions to share news, and/or follow-up on specific actions.

I am under 18 years old; will my sessions remain confidential?

A client who is under-age (under 18 years) can connect with a practitioner on Chearful.com. However, the sessions will need to be scheduled by a parent or guardian. Any information exchanged during the session with the practitioner will be kept confidential, unless the practitioner identifies any information that may be harmful to the client and/or someone else.


How can I pay for my session?

Once you have scheduled a session with your practitioner, you will immediately be prompted to complete the payment process. In addition, you will also receive a payment link in your email. We encourage you to complete the payment process immediately as this will confirm the session time you have chosen.

Is it possible to get a refund on my session?

If you require a refund, you can contact the Chearful team at support@chearful.com, and one of our team members will be able to help you. 

Can I use my health insurance to pay for my session?

Please check with your health insurance company on the benefits of your coverage and the process they follow.

If I miss a session, will I have to pay for it?

Payment for your session is completed during the scheduling process, and it is the client’s responsibility to ensure they are available for their session. 

If I cancel my session, will I be charged for it?

If you cancel your session before 24 hours from the time of the appointment, you can email the support team at support@chearful.com with the details

The rates of the sessions are different for each practitioner; why is this?

Every practitioner sets their rates at their own discretion. The rates in no way reflect the practitioner’s experience and/or qualification.

Is it possible to get a sliding rate/discount for my sessions?

You may discuss this with your practitioner during your session

Why do I have to pay before I even have my session?

We understand that seeking mental wellbeing support can be intimidating, and we have made the process as simple and easy as possible. By completing the payment process when you schedule your session, you will have the comfort of a confirmation, and at the time of the session, you need only connect with your practitioner and focus on your healing.

What payment types do you accept?

We have an internal payment process and accept all the major credit cards. Visa or MasterCard debit and credit cards in AED and USD are accepted by the Platform for payment. Maintaining their account’s confidentiality is the responsibility of the client. 

Where can I get an invoice or receipt for my session?

You can find your invoices and receipts listed on your dashboard,

What happens if I schedule a session and don’t pay?

If you are unable to pay for your session within one hour of scheduling it, the session will be canceled, and you will have to reschedule. Please note you may lose your preferred time slot if this happens.