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Do Your Employees Feel Hopeless & Disengaged?

Stress, Anxiety & Burnout are some of the most common concerns people face at work, leading to physical
& health conditions that can cause missed days and loss of productivity.
29% of professionals feel stressed at work, and 26% are already at the point of burnout.

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of employees have a high level of stress that is starting to affect their physical health.

1 in 6

employees experience mental health problems in the workplace


of top talent express a need for potential employers to support workplace wellbeing initiatives when considering a role

Work-related stress can stem from factors such as job insecurity, conflicts, lack of support, role conflict, constant change, poor work-life balance, toxic culture, and lack of control. Employers must acknowledge and address these stressors to promote a healthier and more productive work environment:

  • Stigma, lack of awareness
  • Inadequate support systems
  • High stress levels
  • Lack of control & unrealistic expectations
  • No balance between work and home
  • Limited access to resources
  • Communication barriers
  • Discrimination & lack of inclusivity

Signs of Workplace Stress - ignored can lead to major health conditions

Headaches Frame
Rapid Heart Rate Frame-6
Digestive problems Frame-4
Disrupted Sleep Frame-16
Body & Muscle Aches Frame-17
Mood Changes Frame-12
Difficulty Concentrating Frame-7
Social Withdrawal Frame-13
Substance abuse Frame-26
Low Motivation Frame-20

The Chearful 360 Degree Well-being Solution is Evidence-based

Our bespoke wellbeing program is built around your employees' needs, and the organization. Practitioners work with employees, and we work with your Human Capital team, with data and analytics to ensure sustainable practices are embedded within your organizational environment.

Chearful understands the importance of fostering a supportive and productive environment. We offer culturally sensitive therapy for employees, providing a tailored approach that acknowledges and respects their social, cultural, and individual backgrounds. By addressing the unique needs of your workforce, our comprehensive solutions help create an inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive.


Assess & Identify


Responsive & Practice Oriented


Accommodative & Sustainable

Chearful Well-being Program

The Chearful Well-being Assessment will identify how your employees feel today and support
them through a 4, 6 & 8 week program as per their level of well-being


4 Weeks

High Level of Well-being
  • Positive Attitude
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Overall Well-being
  • Mind-Body Connection
  • Self-acceptance
  • Social Connections
  • Healthy Goals

6 Weeks

Medium Level of Well-being
  • Positive Attitude
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Overall Well-being
  • Mind-Body Connection
  • Self-acceptance
  • Social Connections
  • Healthy Goals

8 Weeks

Low Level of Well-being
  • Positive Attitude
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Overall Well-being
  • Mind-Body Connection
  • Self-acceptance
  • Social Connections
  • Healthy Goals

Your Organization’s Success Starts with A Healthy Team

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The Rising Cost of Mental Health Problems

15% of working age adults suffer from a mental health challenge. And when organizations do not support their employees the numbers expand to include those who were on the border-line.

The cost can negatively affect organizations not just financially, but also their reputation as an employer. And evidence shows that the cost of unsupported mental well-being is definitely higher than putting in place sustainable mental wellbeing initiatives.

Mental health issues in workplace , such as depression, lead to an astonishing loss of productivity that can cost companies $51 billion each year. Unfortunately, these challenges also contribute to increased absenteeism among employees.

Surprisingly, individuals struggling with poor mental health are four times more likely to miss work. And the financial consequences of a single missed workday are conservatively estimated to be $340 for full-time workers and $170 for part-time employees.

These figures are a compelling reminder of the critical importance of prioritizing mental health in the workplace.

Chearful can create a supportive and productive environment that benefits your workforce and the bottom line of your organization.

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consider mental health support an important consideration when looking for work, indicating that workplaces that prioritize mental health are more likely to attract and retain top talent

1 in 6

employees experience mental health problems in the workplace


of Companies have increased their focus on employee mental health since the pandemic

Our Well-being Program Helps You Build Strong Mental Health!

4, 6 & 8 week program that is based on your employees’ needs & current level of wellbeing
Discovery sessions to make sure you are comfortable with your practitioner
Secure & safe technology that keeps your data private & protected
Practitioners who are internationally accredited & licensed
A global team of practitioners who work across borders, to provide availability anytime
Pre & post assessment that identifies progress and potential for ROI, analytics and strategic planning
Mental Health Professionals who are multi-lingual, multi-cultural & approachable
Daily recommended tools and guides that support sustainable practice
Mental Health factsheets, for a quick & easy guide to different mental well-being challenges
Webinars, videos, readings help employees learn the skills to manage their mental well-being
A built-in web conferencing tool that maintains confidentiality & privacy
Research based articles & soundbites by experienced practitioners who share insigjhts

Your Organization’s Success Starts with A Healthy Team

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Build a Healthy Work Culture

With 76% of potential employees considering mental health benefits as critical when accepting a job offer, the Chearful Employee Well-being Program focuses on creating a supportive work environment that fosters employee satisfaction, productivity, and engagement, helping your company to retain your valued team members while also attracting the best and brightest talent in the industry.

Embrace Workplace Diversity

Workplace diversity can bring numerous benefits, but it also presents several challenges that organizations need to address. Some of the common challenges of workplace diversity include communication issues, cultural misunderstandings, slower decision-making, inequitable inclusion, and discrimination. To overcome these challenges, Our own diverse team of practitioners help you build your organization's goals to promote diversity, Equity & inclusion within the work culture.

Promote Healthy Living

Another quick way to start prioritizing mental health is by promoting healthy living. Healthy activities that can help employees feel good and stay on top of their game include:

  • Exercise and nutrition
  • Meditation and sleep quality
  • Therapy or building resilience through ICBT

From meditation sessions to planning a healthy meal together, there are plenty of ways to help employees take breaks from work that will help them relax, re-energize, or refocus. Work wellness is a challenge taken on by an increasing number of important players.

Major Canadian companies like Bell have created massively successful awareness campaigns, like Bell Let's Talk Day, which aim to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness by encouraging people to talk openly about their challenges. Implementing similar initiatives is conducive to the small-scale reward of positive, incremental organizational changes in behavior and perception.

What makes these programs successful is a top-down commitment to being open about and encouraging mental healthcare discussions. If employees feel encouraged to access their mental health benefits, they will more likely be able to acknowledge and seek help for symptoms before a problem escalates. Organizations benefit from a happier workforce and possibly reduce disability-related costs in the long run by leveraging a preventative approach to treating mental health issues.

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