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Codependency is a dysfunctional relationship dynamic in which one person sacrifices their needs and well-being for the other. This bond can occur between romantic partners, family members or friends and may contain an element of physical, sexual or emotional abuse

Triggers - The Causes

  • Caregiver(s) ignore a child's needs to focus on their own
  • Caregiver has a personality disorder
  • Controlling or overprotective caregiver(s) that doesn't allow a child to learn safe limits and boundary-setting
  • Fear of abandonment due to one or both parents leaving
  • Physical, emotional or sexual abuse


Symptoms - What it looks like

  • Deep need for approval from others
  • Self-worth depends on others’ opinions of you
  • Overburdening yourself to earn praise from a loved one or to help them
  • Tendency to take blame or apologize to keep the peace
  • Tendency to avoid conflict Pattern of ignoring / minimizing your own needs and desires
  • Habit of managing loved ones and taking decisions for them
  • Guilt / anxiety when doing something for yourself
  • Doing things you don’t want to in order to please others
  • Overwhelming fear of abandonment / rejection
  • Excessive concern about a loved one’s behavior / habits
  • Maintaining relationships that leave you unfulfilled

Treatment - The way to healing

  • Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries
  • Validating and protecting your own emotions
  • Making your own decisions
  • Individual or group therapy

Clients feel safe, supported & heard with our Specialists

Samantha Jacobs
It was so easy to connect with my practitioner, someone who speaks my language, understands where I am from, and I can afford.
Rebecca Grey
Hafiz Ali
I found comfort in knowing I am safe, and my information & calls with my practitioner are confidential. I shared, learned and healed.
Rebecca Grey
Rana Alghairi
The Chearful well-being resources helped me learn about my own Mental Health and gave me strength through knowledge & awareness.
I was so worried about whether I would find the right support, but Chearful made it easy, quick and all I had to focus on was getting better.
Dominic Ray
Being able to suggest the readings and well-being resources, confident that the information is based on research is a relief.
I saved time and was able to give more time to my client, using the tools online. It was wonderful to focus on my client and not worry about the admin.
Having the Intake form done before the first session was so useful and made that first client meeting so much more useful.
The video conferencing tool is on the platform, so I didn’t need to worry about confidentiality.

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