Mindfulness Meditation for Stress & Anxiety

Chearful Soundbites
19 Sep, 2022

This is a quick mindfulness meditation, which will help to relax your body and your mind. reduce anxiety, release tension, and refocus your attention. Close your eyes and smile. 

We're going to set the intention. This is a moment for me. 

As you breathe in, visualize a bright golden light entering through the crown of your head and filling your entire body. 

As you breathe out, this golden light leaves your body through your fingertips and takes with it all of the tension, making you feel more and more relaxed.

As the golden light enters through the crown of your head, visualize and relax the crown of your head and your scalp. 

  • Visualize and relax your face and your head. Visualize and relax your neck and your throat. 
  • Visualize and relax your shoulders, your upper arms and your lower arm.
  • Visualize and relax your hands, your fingers and your fingertips where that golden light is leaving your body and taking with it the stress, the anxiety, the tension to leave you feeling a deep state of relaxation. 

Stay here for a few more deep and cleansing breath and finally, slowly and mindfully open your eyes. 

Namaste and have a beautiful day!


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