The language of mental health matters

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19 Sep, 2022

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Today I'd like to talk to you about the language of mental health or mental well-being. It's so important that we use the right words and terminology, it's so important that we as a community understand what mental health actually means. mental distress is really about the different stresses that occur, the daily stresses, things like presentations that you have to give or exams, or any, any sort of performance stress that a person might have.

So, these are the kinds of stresses that a person goes through on a daily basis, and then they overcome it because of their own inner strength and being able to manage it effectively. 

Now, a mental problem or mental health problem is one step above that. And that's when a person actually goes through some sort of a dramatic life change or change in circumstances in their lives. It's when maybe someone goes through a sense of loss of a loved one or a friend. And this is a little bit more prolonged, where an individual will have a prolonged period of stress and anxiety, and this could affect, and does in fact, affect their physical well-being as well as their emotional and social, psychological well-being. And then we have the third level, which is a bit more serious and requires a diagnosis. And this is the mental health illnesses. 

These are the mental health disorders, things like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, or depression or chronic anxiety. And this requires a lot more support from practitioners, mental health practitioners, as well as from family and friends. So, there are distinct layers to mental health and mental well-being. And it's important that we recognize that, so we don't misunderstand, and we don't misuse the terminology. 

So, somebody who is active and energetic does not have ADHD, necessarily. Someone who is, you know, focused on cleanliness and hygiene does not have obsessive compulsive disorder, necessarily. So, it's really important that we as individuals recognize this. 

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