What is empathy - 3 tips to cultivate it

Priya Cima
18 Nov, 2022

Hi, I'm Priya Cima and I'd like to talk to you about empathy. What is empathy? Empathy is literally showing understanding and compassion to other people. It's about knowing and understanding what they feel and how they feel. And empathy can be learned, and it needs to be practiced.

So how do we practice empathy?

Three very simple ways that we can practice empathy. One, be curious, ask questions, ask people how they feel. There is no awkward moment when all you're doing is showing that you care. Two, join a larger cause, something that's bigger than yourself, and something that has meaning for you so you can learn about different things, and different people, different cultures, different ways of living and feeling. And three finally, listen. Listen carefully to the underlying emotions, feelings, thoughts that come behind words that people use, give them time to speak, respond and don't react.



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