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Post-traumatic Growth

  • Nov 02, 2022
  • By: Dr. Christopher WIllard
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Hi, I'm Dr. Chris Willard. I'm a clinical psychologist, faculty at Harvard Medical School and an author of a number of different books.

The one I'm most excited about, and the concept I'm most excited about comes out of positive psychology. And it's this idea of post traumatic growth.

What we actually know? Well, we certainly know that many of us have been through incredibly trying challenging experiences in these past few years during the pandemic. And even before and after the pandemic, so many other traumas of life, big and small, whatever even that means have been experienced by us and the people that we love and other people around the world.

What's amazing now is that actually, more people go on to experience post traumatic growth, in addition to post traumatic stress in their lives after going through difficult times. I'm really excited. I'm doing a series of workshops on this topic, have a new book coming out on this topic, how we grow through what we go through which I think we've all been through some hard times, and thinking about what are the practices that we know from spirituality? What are the practices that we know from anthropology, even from history, as well as from neuroscience and contemporary psychology, and positive psychology that can teach us how we can thrive not just survive in this space of life's challenges?

So I hope that you'll research this topic, learn a little bit more about it. I know through Chearful there'll be a lot of resources on this topic of post traumatic growth, as well as topics like self compassion, as well as topics like positive psychology as well as topics like mindfulness and others that are near and dear to my heart. And I hope that you'll check them out and I look forward to getting to know you better.